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Asus Lifestyle Notebooks

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ASUS Laptops

Known for innovation and excellence, ASUS laptops are the perfect portable computers for anyone looking for flexibility and value.

At Rosman Australia, we have a wide range of laptops available, including the best-priced and latest ASUS notebooks. Shop ASUS laptops online or contact us to get recommendations from our team of experts who are always happy to help.

ASUS Productivity Laptops

ASUS offers a range of everyday notebooks that suit a range of use, budget and style. From entry-level to top-of-the-line laptops, students, creators and professionals have plenty to choose from. 

ProArt Studiobook

Designed with creative pros in mind, the slim and light ProArt Studiobook series combines cutting-edge NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics and large NanoEdge displays with portability and flexibility. Packed with power and performance, this collection of laptops lets you design anywhere and anytime inspiration hits you. 


Looking for a durable and reliable everyday notebook? ASUS ExpertBook is your best productivity partner. Take it anywhere and take charge of your work. 

Featuring a sleek and simple design, a light yet tough exterior and excellent connectivity, the ExpertBook lets you get the job done uninterrupted with its all-day battery life. 


As its name suggests, ASUS Chromebook laptops run on Google’s fast and secure Chrome operating system. Featuring a simple interface, automatic updates and long battery life, Chromebooks also support android apps and allow you to get things done no matter where you are. 


With diverse colour options and unique design details, Vivobook is the best value notebook for bold and young or young-at-heart users who want to add flair to daily computing without sacrificing functionality and performance. 

Ideal for everyday use, Vivobooks offer high-quality displays and extended battery life for enhanced productivity. Whether it’s the reliable Vivobook, slim and light Vivobook S, and the flexible Vivobook Flip, you can find one that suits your budget, lifestyle and needs. 


Equipped with the best-in-class processors, graphics and components, ZenBook works perfectly for busy professionals who are always on the move. Ranging from Zenbook, Zenbook Pro, Zenbook S and Zenbook Flip, these cutting-edge notebooks feature upgraded craftsmanship and incredible innovation, designed to bring out the creativity in you.  

ASUS Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are the bread and butter of ASUS’ line-up. Forming one of the best-selling gaming notebook line-ups, there is no shortage of precision and power. ASUS has two main gaming product lines: TUF Gaming and Republic of Gamers (ROG). 

TUF Gaming - Next Level Gaming

The TUF Gaming line-up offers durable laptops with premium features including impressive refresh rates and powerful GPUs. With most available models running between $1500 and $2600, TUF laptops are perfect for new or budget gamers looking for a versatile and reliable gaming laptop that doesn’t break the bank. 

ROG Republic of Gamers

The ROG series is among the most powerful gaming laptops on the market. It regularly tops the charts for speed, aesthetics, power, resolution, and cooling function, which, when combined, take gaming to the next level.  

The ROG Flow series is the latest addition to ASUS’s wide range of gaming laptops.  Perfect for gamers who are always on the go, these ultra-thin and compact notebooks don’t compromise on power and are designed to fit in the smallest of bags. 

Meanwhile, the ROG Strix is the go-to series of esports players who demand a solid performance from their machines The Strix features the highest quality CPUs ad GPUs, giving users the fastest refresh rates and a competitive edge. Finally, ASUS ROG also has the Zephyrus gaming laptop collection which amazingly blends a slim exterior with premium engineering, providing superior performance and graphics for an ultimate gaming experience. 

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