Computer Spring Clean 2020

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home – let us do the important Computer Spring Clean!


Our Spring Clean package includes the following for just $99!*

  1. Hardware Integrity Test – Make sure the brains and body of your computer are in good health.
  2. Operating System upgrade – Ensure you’re running all the latest software to keep your computer running smoothly across the board.
  3. Clean inside and out – Dedusting (what’s a spring clean without dusting?) and a thorough wipe-down of the outside of your computer. We’ll do our best to have it looking like new!
  4. Virus scan – You don’t want any nasties on your computer where all your important data is stored - don’t risk it!
  5. Discounted Anti-Virus package (optional add-on) – 10% off an Anti-Virus subscription. Everyone, even the most tech savvy of us, need to be protected - why not get it on sale?
  6. Free Screen Cleaning wipes - Keep the Spring Clean-feeling going all season long!


*Terms and Conditions apply.


Terms and Conditions

There are certain circumstances in which the $99 value price will not be applicable:

  1. If you have a faulty/failing Hard Drive that requires more labour (which will be determined in HWI)
  2. If your Operating System is very old (Windows 7, for example)
  3. If your Windows Operating System or other applications are corrupted
  4. If you are currently using a version of Windows that is unsupported for W10 upgrade
  5. If your computer has a deep virus infection and needs more labour to de-bug it (which will be determined in the virus scan)
  6. For Work-Issued computers: If your computer has administration or corporate restrictions/configurations that lock certain software
  7. If you have a “slow computer” that we find has a healthy, but inherently slow, HDD that you refuse to upgrade to an SSD (more time/labour involved)
  8. You don’t know your email addresses/passwords
  9. Any situation in which a password reset is required

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