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How often should you clean your PC? |

Posted by Rosman Computers on 19th Feb 2019

How often should you clean your computer?

What we have seen at Rosman Computers time and time again, is computers coming in for repair and the internals of the machine to be covered in dust, hair, cobwebs and even food!

To prevent the build-up of dirt in your computer it is recommended to clean the insides every 3-6 months or whenever you notice a large amounts of dust starting to accumulate.

What does cleaning your computer do?

All computers use power to run and they become warm as they are used. If the computer becomes too hot it could shut itself down to prevent the high temperatures from damaging the computer components. To make sure the computer runs at a stable temperature most Desktops and Laptops have fans and heatsinks to help keep the system cool. These fans suck in air from the outside environment and run it across the components to keep it cool. With this cool air though comes dust, hair and everything you don’t want in there.

You could be making the problem worse without knowing

If you run your computer under your desk or on the ground in the room then the fans will pick up a lot more dust and dirt. If you’re able to set the computer up on a high, hard surface like a desk or shelf this will make it harder for the fans to pull in dust.

If you own any pets or animals more than likely the computer will pull in a huge amount of fur (especially with cats). There is no real way to combat this, though checking your computer internals more often will help to keep this at bay.

What’s the best way to clean your PC?

The best way to clean your computer and to get rid of any dust is to follow these steps. You will need a couple of tools as well; vacuum cleaner and compressed air.

  • 1.Make sure the computer is turned OFF and unplugged.
  • 2.Remove all external devices i.e. USB Drives, External Drives
  • 3.Take side covers off the computer and assess the inside of the PC to where all the dust is located.
  • 4.Using compressed air dislodge the dust and vacuum up the dirt.
  • 5.For hard to reach areas and crevices use a brush to dislodge dust instead of compressed air this will assure you don’t damage any of the sensitive components.
  • 6.Once no more visible dust left put the side cover back on.

What we can do to help!

Rosman Computers has a fully functioning Computer Service Centre located in Thirroul which about a 20 minute drive north of Wollongong. Here we can clean and even assess if there is anything likely to cause a problem in the near future with your Desktop or Laptop. To find out more contact our store

Shop 17 Thirroul Plaza
282 Lawrence Hargrave Drive
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Ph: (02) 4267 4299